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01 Aug

5 Essential Tips for Moving Piano Safely in London

5 Essential Tips for Moving Piano Safely in London

Relocating to a new place has its own set of struggles. Over it, moving your piano adds to the existing complications. No doubt, you can’t live your piano alone. After all, it is a valuable instrument, and purchasing it might have cost you months of savings. But before you decide to move your piano, mind it, it is way heavier. Taking the task of piano relocation on your shoulders is liable to invite unnecessary risk. It may either injure you or may cause damage to your instrument. Therefore, before trying things yourself, it is recommended to delegate the task to professional London Piano Movers. Else if you have made your mind to move a piano yourself, then given below are the tips you must follow to ensure the safety of your instrument.

Tip 1: Find the appropriate moving supplies and materials

Considering the heavyweight of pianos, moving them requires the use of special equipment and tools. A grand piano weighs around 1400 pounds while an upright piano weighs around 300 pounds. This makes it clear that moving a piano with bare hands is not even worth thinking about. You should have all prerequisites gathered to handle its weight and move it safely to its destination.  

Here are the important tools and equipment you need for the job:

  • Thick moving blankets to provide comprehensive coverage to your piano parts.
  • Several rolls of duct tape to secure moving blankets firmly.
  •  Screwdriver for assembling and disassembling piano parts.
  • Furniture trolley.
  • Heavy-duty Furnitures traps.
  • Piano board / metal ladder.
  • Stretch wrap.
  • Skid board.

You can either purchase these or rent them from any Piano Moving Service provider in London.

Tip 2: Ensure to fulfill the need to get as many helpers as possible

Moving the piano all alone is nearly impossible. This work is not a child’s play. Apart from having massive weight, pianos are fragile. They have hundreds of moving parts which makes it necessary to employ proper strategies when moving them from one place to another. So don’t mind asking for some extra help. Gather at least four to five people to help you lift and move your piano. The more people lesser would be the risk for injury or damage.

If you can’t get help, it is better to hire London Piano Removals and Storage Company.

Tip 3: Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways

Before you plan to move your piano, inspect every inch of your instrument as well as the entry and exit way. Get the measurement of the staircase, hallway, doorways, corridors, or from whichever place you are likely to move your instrument. You may also be required to remove the carpet or any furniture obstructing the movement. If your piano cannot be moved through staircases, you may have to get it moved through the window. Nevertheless, in this situation, you may need to take help from long-distance Piano Movers; they will provide you the right equipment and tools to shift your piano safely. Follow the same at your destination place also.

Tip 4: Secure it in a truck

When selecting a vehicle for piano relocation, make sure to hire the one which is well-equipped and is in good condition. Additionally, place instrument such that it leans against the back wall of the truck – the wall that segregates the truck cabin and cargo space. And when loading/unloading instrument from truck use wood planks for leveling. This will help slide the piano up/down while keeping it stabilized. To get this done in the best possible way, consider contacting Piano Removals in West London, as they have properly maintained and verified vehicles.  

Tip 5: Hire the Best Piano Movers in the UK if needed

When nothing seems possible, it is better to contact professional Piano Movers in London. If you are not aware of the nuances involved in moving heavy objects, avoid taking a risk as this could only lead to negative consequences.

Alternatively, professionals have the right skills and techniques to pack, lift, assemble, disassemble and move your piano safely. Plus, they also offer you insured services, thus, you can rest assured that in case of any damage you will get the compensation.

Hence, long Distance Piano Moving Services are perfect to transport your beloved piano from one place to another.

Final Words

As discussed above, pianos are heavy and extremely expensive instruments. They need extra care and precaution. Moving them is not as easy as you think. However, following the aforementioned tips can help you to a great extent in safely transporting your instrument. Pay special attention to corners, make sure they are robustly padded and secured with packing tape. This will keep your instrument protected against all bumps and scratches.

If you are searching for the best “Piano Movers near me”, stop by at Professional Piano Movers.

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