Buying a Piano is fun but moving it is a job

Buying a Piano is fun but moving it is a job

From ages Piano has been more than a piece of musical instrument. It is a companion for many. Its soulful sound fills heart with joy, love, compassion and peace. Apart from its lovely sound many are also drawn towards it by its grandeur. Presence of a grand piano in house speaks about refined taste of owner. As a doting parent we want kids to learn music as it enhances kid’s; creativity and increases attention span. Piano is the first choice for most of the parents. Piano is easy to start with and if kid finds it interesting then kid can pursue a career in music.

Most of the parents on successful completion of first level of training plan to buy a piano if they already don’t own one but hesitate thinking about the moving. Piano is an expensive instrument and logistics also cost a lot too but it still is better than having it ruined during moving says an experienced piano removal service from west London. Maintenance and tuning piano on a regular basis are other important and expensive job. A detailed analysis with various factors like player’s level of perfection, interest, budget, and space available at home, type of piano, etc. should be done before sealing a deal but let piano moving be last of your concerns.

Once the deal is done now it is time to get your new prized possession home. Before you decide to move the piano out of showroom please have a definite plan ready. If you are planning to take the job in your hands then you should know what is weight of the piano and we are sure you would be looking out for Piano moving services and where you are going to place the piano in case you want to take to different floor other than ground floor then efforts double up but says with experienced Grand Piano Movers, Baby Grand Piano Movers or upright Piano Movers can take any of your prized possession anywhere.

Following are few tips for DIY:

  1. Get the right equipment like dolly, straps, ramps, etc.
  2. Clear the path.
  3. Measure the room, staircase, doors, etc. so that you don’t have measure mismatch situation later.
  4. Carry a tuner as entire movement can change the tune of instrument. Be ready to retune.
  5. Ask for help.

In case DIY is not your cup of tea then go ahead and hire a professional mover and packer. are one of the best piano removals and movers in London. Prices may be slightly on a higher side but what you get in return is guarantee that piano will be unharmed.