Moving to a new place? Here is how to take care of your Piano

Just how exciting it is to move over to an entirely new place – giving your life a new start, embracing new adventures. Is something adding a ting of worry to your excitement? Is it about moving you priced possession – your Piano? Well, then don’t worry, we mean when it’s taken good care of that worry of yours.

It is though a task but doable but if you are hiring upright piano movers or baby grand piano movers (depending upon which Piano you have), you can sit back and dream about life in your new place. For Grand Pianos we highly recommend Grand Piano mover, it too heavy and professional for one to try doing it on their own. Here are the top tips that need to be taken in due consideration when you move with your Piano.

Dive in with us!

1. When you are moving your piano for a longer distance, protect your board from varying temperatures and humidity levels – they can affect the performance. You can use temperature-control and humidifying devices or stuff fabrics appropriately to absorb humidity.

2. Dust off all the grime collected on the surface of the Piano. Use a gentle feather duster and pay keen attention to the keys where you have to go in the details and also take care that you don’t scratch them in any way.

3. It is not mandatory, but preferable to polish your Piano after a move. It mostly depends on the amount of hassle it had to go through while shifting. If you’re in doubt, you can always ask professional for some advice.

4. If you do polish the keyboard, don’t apply the product directly to its surface. Use a gentle, white, lint-free cloth for the purpose because you don’t want any color or residue to be transmitted. If yours is a Black Finish Piano, simply use a super soft microfiber cloth without any product.

5. Amidst all the chaos of house shifting, take utmost care that your piano is in no contact with any amount of sunlight and liquids. Don’t ever use it as a temporary beverage stand while there’s nothing else to place your bottle onto.

6. Keep the lid shut at all times until you’re completely settled. Absolutely no harm to keys should be made.

7. Tune the Piano when it’s been for a couple of weeks in its new place.

These tips should definitely come handy but we still recommend professional Piano mover to do the job with their specialized tools. Try if you want experienced professionals at the best price possible.