Piano moving services comes handy when you plan to move

Your piano might be a priceless antique passed down through the family or you might own a beautiful walnut Steinway grand that’s very exquisite. No matter what type of piano you own, it’s likely a cherished item that you want to preserve and protect forever like a gem. Pianos are clunky, heavy, big, and, are generally, hard to move yet families are so attached that they will take pianos across cities, countries, continents just wherever they are moving to, might we suggest long distance piano mover come handy. From childhood we have seen in cartoons and movies that how a little wrong move can damage this beautiful musical instrument. There are two options of moving a piano either by yourself or by hiring professional piano moving services.

Moving the piano by you is very risky, says London Piano Movers. Best is to hire professional Piano Moving Service like Piano Removal Surrey, etc. like companies to take care of divine instrument. Moving a piano requires training, planning, strategy and teamwork. There are so many logistics that have to be considered, you have upright piano movers, baby grand piano movers, long distance piano moving services etc, you just have to name it and they come to your service. Things like narrow staircases, doorways, various levels of the building all need to be kept in consideration to make sure that no damage is done to piano. Moving a heavy piece of beautiful furniture is not an easy task and without training or the right tools, your prized possession can be damaged. Sometime you might face major problem that was not foreseen while planning, these are the times where experience helps comes up with good tactical solutions, if you hire one.

While deciding on hiring the perfect Piano mover services you should start with asking for quotations from various firms. Based on your budget select the firm which has the most experience in doing so. Get into a contract with the firm. Your contract should specify the insurance cover for the make and model of your piano, so you can have peace of mind that it can be restored to its original state should the unexpected occur. Costing is done mainly in two modes 1) Hourly rates or 2) Fixed rates. The final cost will finally depend on several factors like the type of piano, its age, whether there are sets of stairs, and the distance you’re transporting it. Age is a major factor in piano moving costs. An antique piano is more delicate than a more recent model, requiring more attention.