Moving a piano can be very stressful.
We can help.

Music has always been a part of your life and you are inclined to an instrument and you have taken one step further and own a musical instrument that’s not only huge in size but also one that cannot be dismantled and shipped around, say you own a Baby grand piano. Owing one is an interesting investment but Baby Grand Piano moving is a lot more than just interesting!!!

Baby grand Piano moving Piano = moving weight (we are talking 600 -1200 pounds here) without disturbing more than 250 strings and about 1000 different moving parts and to top it all if the precise tone and sound is disturbed….getting it tuned to the perfect match of those many keys is a much difficult affair than moving it (mentally and financially both).

Don’t ask a friend, period.

Don’t ask just any friend to help you with the moving of your piano when you plan to move into with all your possessions. Sit down and pen the details of your baby grand piano and then look for baby grand piano movers. Go for people who are professionals with experience and expertise in baby grand piano moving. is a resonating name for Baby Grand Piano Moving in London.

How do we handle your prized possession?

Baby grand piano moving is an art and needs experience and specific instruments; we have vehicle especially for the use to move the instrument. We have techniques and special wraps, gurry, straps, boards, ramp etc to wrap & move the piano and to keeps the piano steady through the transit, staff enough trained to understand the value of the asset and what mishandling can do to the tone of the piano.

Compare the charge

In the whole of the UK you will be surprised to find quite a few Baby Grand piano movers as it has been a tradition to learn and own a piano. So one needs to check and compare the quote, try to figure out the difference and understand why it is so – before you finalize who you would do the job for you.

We are expert Baby grand piano movers in London with experience, techniques, and instrument to move or relocate your Baby Grand piano in London. Book online or call us for the best quote.