Moving a piano can be very stressful.
We can help.

If you own a classic Grand Piano, you have to be a professional piano artist or a huge fan who understands the value of this grand possession and would hate to bear a small scratch if you decide to move it even a floor up or down forget someplace elsewhere. Practicing piano daily could be a part of your routine, hate any disturbance or losing practice for any reason. It is a task to move the large beautiful masterpiece but we, are here, we have expertise and experience of 11 years and assure you a scratch less delivery of your proud possession.

As Grand piano movers in London, we are well versed with the know-how of the moving whether it is to or from your basement or from a building to a different house. We are professional, reliable, fast and safe we take all the required safety precaution that’s possible.

But if you wonder why to hire a professional to do the job. Well, to begin with, a Grand Piano weighs a minimum of 1200 pounds. If that is not enough below is a checklist –

Your checklist should be as described below for grand piano moving in London:

  • Relocation needs to be done with ease and care, are you equipped well
  • How long have been they transporting grand pianos?
  • What measure you have for securing your piano in the transit?
  • Do you have protective wraps and special straps to keep steady?
  • Compare the hours a professional would take and compare it with other who tried doing it themselves (that, if you could find one, who had done it successfully).
  • What do their recommenders say about?

Comparing all the answers will tell you it would become easy for you to ask professional like to move your Grand Piano in London.

You should begin to compare Grand piano movers in London, by giving your exact description of your grand piano in terms of location & surface, distance, time in hand, dimensions, weight, and the make and model of your Grand piano. We assure you a most competitive quote log-in or give us a call.

We often get asked by our customers if we move their piano from one London property to another, will they need a professional to retune it? Sadly it’s not something we can answer with a yes or no, because of some will, some won’t.

Often customers will need a piano tuning service because their piano has gone out of tune due to sudden change in climate, and not because of a lousy removal team. Temperature and humidity are among the top causes of pianos going out of tune.

Thankfully we have teamed up with the leading Piano Tuning company in London. So no matter the problem, we can get your piano moved, and playing all the right notes! In no time at all.