Moving a piano can be very stressful.
We can help.

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Are you looking for trusted, trained and reliable Upright Piano Movers in London? Look no further. We are here to assist you.

Professional piano movers is a renowned company with years of experience in grand pianos and upright piano moving services. Since 2006, we have successfully handled a number of projects with varying complexities in London and its surrounding areas. Over, 16 years of experience implies that a dedicated team of experts who are proficient in the piano moving process backs us. We take pride in our premium services, which make sure they moved your piano as safely and smoothly as possible.

At Professional Piano Movers, we understand that they prized Pianos’ possessions and need extensive care when moving from one place to another. We have the experience, expertise, and specialized equipment for the safe movement of your upright pianos. Our dedicated crew makes an effort to wrap your piano carefully using our custom gears so that it stays protected throughout the moving process.

As a trusted London Upright Piano Moving Company, we aim to simplify and transform the daunting piano moving process into a hassle-free one. That’s why we consistently invest in training our staff and equipping them with the latest tools and equipment. In addition, to upright piano moving, we also offer superior storage services in case you need to store your piano safely for a while.

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Our Value Propositions

  • Certified and insured crew professionals.
  • Wide moving and storage solutions for your convenience.
  • Modern equipment to handle relocation.
  • Cost-effective relocations in less time.
  • Efficient packaging to safeguard your valuable inventory.
  • Flexible services to suit your needs.

Ensure Smooth Transport of Your Piano With Us.

Whether you want to move your piano indoors or transport it to a new location, you can always count upon us. Our comprehensive and reliable services are available throughout London, Surrey, and its surrounding areas. No matter the complexity, we assure you to handle your piano with care.

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Do You Offer Insurance Cover on Piano Relocations?

All our transfers are insurance covered, which is xx cents per pound per item at no additional charges. We also provide you with the freedom to purchase additional insurance through an insurance provider of your choice.

Are Your Piano Moves Managed through Subcontracts?

Professional Upright Piano Movers do not sub-contract with any third party. All our piano moving services are solely handled by our own experienced crew using our climate-controlled vehicles.

What Is the Cost of Piano Moving?

We stipulate the cost of moving a piano based on the conditions specific to the project. It considers various factors depending on which we quote a fair expected fee at the start of the project itself.